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Soybean Seed Treatments Prove to be ROI Drivers in Challenging Environments

Soybean Seed Treatments Prove to be ROI Drivers in Challenging EnvironmentsShortly after emergence, young soybean plants start putting down their roots. During this crucial time of development, soybean plants face a host of threats. Cool and wet conditions during and shortly after planting, favor seedling disease infection. As soil insects come out of their overwintering stage, they'll be drawn to seeds and tender roots. If not properly protected from early season threats, soybean plants can face emergence, stand establishment issues and yield impacts later in the season.

"We see many growers turning to soybean seed treatments to protect their crops," says Victoria Kleczewski, Insect and Plant Disease Technical Manager for Growmark "It's a convenient way to provide early season protection. Some seed treatments can also enhance nutrient uptake, root and shoot growth, encourage microbial activity and improve seed flow and plant spacing."

However, just like with any input on a farm, growers must see a value in soybean seed treatments through a return on investment. Two MiField trials put ILEVO® and Heads Up® soybean seed treatments to the test to measure the net increase in profitability.

Trial results from ILEVO and Heads Up soybean seed treatments

Four-year ILEVO seed treatment trial

ILEVO seed treatment from BASF protects against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes. Fifty-four MiField Applied Research trials across four years, throughout Illinois and Missouri, demonstrated an average yield response to ILEVO seed treatments of 2.73 Bu/Acre higher than the growers' standard practices. Based on 2019 average input costs, the ROI on ILEVO application was $11.76 per acre.

ILEVO saw a 100 percent positive yield response, which indicates that across all conditions and trials, ILEVO resulted in a positive impact on yield.

100 Pos Yield Response Chart.png

2019 Cost Average Inputs (Seeding Rate 140,000/acre) (ILEVO $13.00/acre)Soybean Sale Price $9.07/buMulti-year comparisons utilize yield, sale price, and economics for each respective year

Two-Year Trend for Heads Up Soybeans

Heads Up Plant Protectant is a seed treatment that prevents fungal and bacterial diseases in soybeans. In thirteen MiField Applied Research trials across Illinois and Wisconsin, Heads Up soybean seed treatment increased yield by 3.53 Bu/Acre over the growers' standard practices over two years of testing. Based on 2019 average input costs, this indicates an average $28.27/Acre increase in profitability with Heads Up seed treatment compared to standard soybeans.

One Heads Up seed treatment focus trial in DeWitt County is an example of the ROI a farmer could see from seed treatments. This trial showed a net increase of $18.93 per acre over the farmer's standard practices.  

Treatment Graphic.png

Seed treatments on your farm

"It is important to keep in mind that conditions during each season play a major role in the profitability of any input, including seed treatments," says Kleczewski "High risk fields and environments, like cool and wet conditions at planting, may further increase the profitability of any soybean seed treatments."

Kleczewski also notes that MiField Trials are tested on multiple farms, across multiple seasons, which best illustrates the variability of the yield responses obtained from seed treatments across various environments. Contact a FS Crop Specialist today to learn more about how seed treatments could add value to your farm.

MiField by FS helps growers better understand best practices through research-based data on their farm. This provides ongoing, customized recommendations that work for you. Click here for more 2019 MiField trial results.

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